• one capsule (stainless steel)
  • two covers with an aroma-preserving membrane (stainless steel, silicone)
  • one scoop (synthetic material)

    In order to achieve the best possible coffee quality, use the cover with the brown
    aroma-preserving membrane for filter coffee

brands and the cover with the black aroma-preserving membrane for espresso coffee brands.



The MISTER BARISTA Spare Parts Kit


  • 2 MISTER BARISTA spare covers with aroma-preserving membrane
    (available options: 2 brown or 2 black aroma-preserving membranes)

The cover with the aroma-preserving membrane is a wearing part which should be replaced from time to time

depending on the handling and type of coffee machine used.

When handled with care, said replacement may be necessary once or twice a year - usually

when the coffee no longer shows its normal intensity.



The MISTER BARISTA Counter Display Unit


  • space for 12 kits - can be filled with starter kits as well as spare parts kits

This counter display Unit is labeled in two languages and very stable.

Seize the opportunity and get yourself a MISTER BARISTA counter display unit with the handy size.

(dimensions approx.: width: 27 cm, length: 24,5 cm, height: 28,5 cm)