Frequently asked questions

For which types of coffee machines are MISTER BARISTA capsules suitable?
MISTER BARISTA is suitable for all Nespresso® -capsule-coffee machines produced since 2003 (3-pin systems).

How can I test whether MISTER BARISTA is suitable for my coffee machine?
The test is very easy! Make your coffee with an original Nespresso® coffee capsule.  Afterwards, remove the capsule from the Used capsules container. The capsule`s thin foil surface should now display either one or three puncture marks. (1-pin or 3-pin system). If the surface has three puncture marks, MISTER BARISTA is suitable for your machine.

How can I benefit from using MISTER BARISTA?
By using our reusable coffee capsule, you can help protecting the environment, drink your favorite coffee and save a lot of money all at the same time.

Which coffee can be used to fill the reusable coffee capsule?

Use the cover with the brown aroma-preserving membrane for coarsely-ground coffee (filter coffee brands). The cover with the black aroma-preserving membrane is best suited for finely-ground coffee (espresso coffee brands). When using roastings with a high amount of moisture, the capsule should not be too full. Otherwise, the openings in the silicone-aroma-membrane could get clogged during the brewing-process. If your machine switches off unexpectedly or if only a few drops are released into the cup, the coffee was either too moist or the capsule was
too full.


Which aroma-preserving membrane is suitable for making a Lungo/ Caffè Americano?
For this type of coffee, you can use both the black or the brown aroma-preserving membrane. Which membrane you use does not depend on the amount of coffee you want to make but rather on the type of grind. Use the cover with the brown aromapreserving membrane for coarsely-ground coffee (filter coffee brands). The cover with the black aroma-preserving membrane is best suited for finely-ground coffee (espresso coffee brands).


How do you close the capsule correctly?
The cover with the aroma-preserving membrane has two differently structured surfaces. The inner surface has a flat structure. The outer surface (should be on top, when the capsule is closed correctly) con be identified by its silicone ridge. Take care when closing the stainless steel capsule, that its rim is clean and not covered with coffee. The capsule has been closed correctly, when you hear a gentle

How do I best clean MISTER BARISTA?

Empty the capsule after usage*. You can rinse out the capsule with running water. The coffee grounds can be removed with the aid of a spoon-handle. It is also possible to put the capsule into the dishwasher after having removed the coffee grounds. Attention: After use, the capsule is hot! Therefore, only touch the cover when picking up the capsule or wait until it is cooled off.


How often can I use the aroma-preserving-membrane before replacing it?
When handled with care, the aroma-preserving membrane can be used for 150 to 200 fillings. The aroma-preserving membrane should be replaced if the coffee no longer shows its normal intensity. The spare covers are available in a double-pack (available options: 2 brown or 2 black aromapreserving membranes).


The stainless steel capsule is missing some of the holes on the bottom. Is that a problem?
For production reasons up to five holes on the bottom of the capsule may be missing. This does not mean that the product is defective since the capsule works nonetheless without any problems!


Tipps and tricks for the using of our refillable coffee capsule

There can happen small handling problems at the beginning of using our refillable coffee capsule. These problems can be avoided with the following tips and tricks.


You have no or less coffee in your cup after brewing

a) Maybe you have used the wrong aroma membrane.
    Solution: If you have used the red membrane, please use the black membrane instead now.

b) Maybe you overfilled the capsule by pressing too much coffee into the capsule.
    Solution: Reduce the amount of coffee (remove the protruding coffee and do not push the coffee into the capsule)


The brewing operation is too fast

Solution 1: Increase the quantity of coffee and press the coffee softly into the capsule if necessary.
Solution 2: Try the red membrane.


The capsule got bogged down into the coffeemaker

  • In this case the capsule was not closed correctly
  • The mechanism takes the capsule at the edge of the membrane.
    If the capsule was not closed correctly, the mechanism only takes
    the membrane and the capsule get bogged down into the capsule holder.

- Open the handle of the machine
- Push the On-Button for Espresso Coffee
Then the capsule should be flushed out of the capsule holder


The capsule could not flushed out of the capsule holder

Solution: Remove the capsule with the handle of a spoon (see picture)


The capsule falls directly into the collecting tank during loading the machine

a) Maybe the capsule is too wet and too slippery for the capsule brackets.
    Solution: Dry the capsule and the machine before loading.
    Now the capsule brackets should be able to hold the capsule.

b) Maybe the capsule brackets have been damaged by incompatible
    coffee capsules from third parties.


Our development department paid special attention on the function of the capsule brackets. Therefore, the membrane were made of soft silicon to avoid breaks on the capsule brackets.